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For any person or organization that has made an impact on our community by efforts to improve the city through the arts, entertainment, recreation, events, or activities.

Adam Helms

Adam Helms is a relative newcomer to Hamilton, having moved to the city in 2010, but he has had a large impact on the community, especially through his work with the RiversEdge Summer Concert Series. After working for the City of Howard, Wisconsin for 6 years, Adam moved to become the Performance & Information Services Administrator for the City of Hamilton. Adam proved to be good at tackling difficult problems in the two years he spent in that position and began to be recruited to other positions that required his skills. Adam went from being City Clerk to the General Manager of Twin Run and Potter Park Golf Courses and for the first time since 1998, they are making a profit. He then switched gears again to become Director of the new Department of Resident Services for the City of Hamilton.

Throughout these job shifts, Adam has consistently been involved in one activity – the Summer Concert Series. In the past three years, it has become a passion for Adam and his hard work has been a major reason that the RiversEdge concerts have been so successful. Adam has been the leading force behind the concerts, organizing and chairing a Concert Series Committee responsible for most aspects of the series, including researching and scheduling bands, fundraising, managing the events, and everything in between.

Adam and the rest of the dedicated committee members that volunteer their time and effort to the Concert Series are the reason the Summer Concert Series is able to offer an extensive mix of eclectic, compelling, and high quality entertainment options. Because of this team and all of the volunteers involved in the concert series, the overhead cost is significantly reduced. This, combined with the committee’s effective fundraising efforts, is the reason RiversEdge can provide free, high quality entertainment that is open to everyone.

Adam has worked tirelessly, not only as a City employee but as a volunteer, with a committee of community volunteers to make the series better and better each and every year. The Summer Concert Series has differentiated itself from other such free public series in Butler County by consistently recruiting top-notch, up-and-coming national talent to Hamilton from notable music hubs of Nashville and New Orleans, among others. The series has developed a reputation of being a great show and a great time, regardless of whether you've heard of the band. Adam’s hard work has led to establishing RiversEdge as a true entertainment hub that can attract acts from around the country and thousands of concert-goers from throughout our region into Hamilton.

But the Summer Concert Series is more than just concerts. It has been a powerful representation of Hamilton's progress as a city. The concerts engage people with the transformation of downtown Hamilton and represent the quality of life activities Hamilton hopes to continue to build. The success of the Concert Series has a spillover effect on the local economy as concert-goers regularly drink and dine before and after the concerts. As Hamilton’s downtown revitalization continues, these concerts will continue to play an important role in bringing people downtown.

Originally from Grafton, Wisconsin, Adam lives in the New London neighborhood of Hamilton. He’s on the Hamilton Rotary Club Board of Directors and the Fitton Center Board of Directors. In addition to his love of live music, he was in a band in high school and college and still plays at open mic nights around town and he once ran the length of an entire parade in the #1 Milwaukee Brewers Sausage costume. (You can Google it…) 

Adam and the entire Summer Concert Series Committee embody the “play” category by directly impacting the city through creating and sustaining a series of live and tremendously fun recreational events.

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