Hamilton 225th Anniversary

Making Hamilton a better place to live. work. play.

Hamilton Vision Commission and Hamilton Lane Library collaborate on honoring the 225th Anniversary
of the founding of Hamilton

The Rebirth of Two Hamiltons

Hamilton Vision

On October 23, 2004, the City of Hamilton celebrated the unveiling of “The American Cape”, a statue honoring the city’s historic namesake – Alexander Hamilton. As part of the ceremony, the Hamilton Vision Commission invited author Stephen Knott, an expert on Hamilton, to speak.

Hamilton was America’s first treasury secretary, and it was his ideals for a strong Federalist form of government that defeated Jefferson’s Republicanism. Hamilton created the blueprint for our country’s future as a mighty commercial, political and military power. Yet Knott, the author of Alexander Hamilton and the Persistence of Myth, spoke emotionally about how maligned Hamilton’s image has been through history. A rival of Thomas Jefferson – who bested the Virginian at almost every turn – Hamilton became what Knott referred to as “the first victim of the politics of personal destruction.”

Jefferson’s personal attacks on Hamilton have resonated through history, far overshadowing the accomplishments of one of America’s most important founding fathers. Knott ended his speech by noting that while most people worship the memory of Thomas Jefferson, we live in Hamilton’s America.

Much has changed over the last twelve years – for both the City of Hamilton and the memory of our namesake. We have both experienced a rebirth. In a recent statement, Stephen Knott noted how the success of the Broadway musical Hamilton! has restored Alexander to his rightful place in the American consciousness. Schools across the country are capitalizing on the popularity of the play, and its modern, hip-hop musical score, to talk about Hamilton and his legacy. Tours to Hamilton’s home and grave site have skyrocketed.

During that same period, massive changes have occurred within the City as well. In 2010, we hired Joshua Smith as City Manager. Joshua immediately embraced the work of the Vision Commission and other organizations in creating a plan for City improvements. These include such things as:

  • Over 2,000 jobs from Barclaycard and StarTek
  • Marcum Park and The Marcum, offering 100+ upscale apartments
  • South Hamilton Crossing, an overpass envisioned over 100 years ago
  • The Spooky Nook Sports Complex at Champion Mill

For our City’s 225th anniversary, the Vision Commission and the Lane Libraries want to celebrate the ongoing renaissance in our city, and with our namesake. A display of books, posters and videos is at the Lane Library, 300 N. 3rd Street, until October 15th as a tribute to the rebirth of two Hamiltons!