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Our Focus to better Hamilton

Initially, six community volunteer Focus Groups were formed to help formulate planning issues of importance to the future of Hamilton. Each group explored a specific topic area, and then identified goals, objectives and implementation strategies to serve as the primary building blocks of the Vision 2020 plan.

Community Services

Over time, Hamilton will experience changes in the mix of its citizens, their interests and needs for community services. This focus group worked to profile the future Hamilton residents and to identify the kinds of support mechanisms that will both meet community needs and enhance quality of life. Included in this group's review were such things as: programs and youth services, elderly and individuals out of the mainstream, healthcare, public safety (fire and police), and social services.

Economic Vitality

Complexity, diversity, and pace of change will characterize the business environment for the 21st Century. This group evaluated the global, regional, and local economic environments within which Hamilton will find itself. It considered the sustainability of current industries, businesses and employment bases, and suggested ways to create an environment that will attract and maintain the preferred business and job mix

Government Cooperation

Government's role and its relationship to citizens are being reevaluated within the context of the modern world. This focus group looked at the nature and role of governance in an age of "real time communication" with an increasing desire of citizens to have input into those rules and regulations that affect their daily lives. It also considered the level of responsibility each citizen will have and how this responsibility could be carried out. Special consideration was given to areas of mutual interest and possible collaboration among governmental units in the Hamilton area.

Image and Environment

The image and perception of Hamilton translates into a "community feel" that is based on many experiences, both physical and emotional. These include aesthetics, views/vistas and environmental quality, and social encounters experienced. Areas addressed by this group included visual perceptions of community entryways and corridors, open space and greenways, riverfront opportunities & activities, historic districts, and downtown features.

Life and Lifestyle Choices

Increasingly, quality of life is becoming the primary motivator related to where people live and work. Quality of life is defined as lifestyle choice options that people have available to meet their needs. This group explored who will live in Hamilton in 2020 and what lifestyle choice experiences will be available. Emphasis was placed on those things that can be done to enhance individual self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

Lifelong Learning

Life for each individual represents a continuum of personal and professional challenges and opportunities. A successful response to each challenge and opportunity requires a certain level of knowledge and skill. This focus group considered the range of skills citizens of Hamilton would need to create their preferred future. It worked to identify alternative ways for residents to learn and grow as they encounter different stages of their life cycle.