About Us

Making Hamilton a better place to live. work. play.

Hamilton's Vision 2020 is to provide detailed and coordinated guidelines to the decision-making process that will shape Hamilton’s future growth and the development of both natural and built environments.

Who We Are

The Vision Commission was created by City Council in June, 2001, to oversee implementation of the Vision 2020 Plan and assure that its major goals and objectives are achieved. As part of this charge, the Commission created the Vision Awards to recognize projects and accomplishments that are in keeping with the plan.

Over the past years the Vision Commission has presented Vision Awards to outstanding organizations and individuals whose contributions to the betterment of Hamilton uphold the philosophy of the Vision 2020 Plan.

Our History

In 1997, Hamilton resident Don Taylor saw a documentary on television entitled “Back from the Brink,” a video about urban rejuvenation produced by the American Institute of Architects. Mr. Taylor was excited by the possibilities that this video presented for Hamilton and he purchased a copy of it.

In January of 1998, then Mayor Tom Nye made a presentation at the Senior Citizens on Ross Avenue that Mr. Taylor attended. He presented Mayor Nye with the videotape for his review. Mayor Nye, impressed by the documentary, took it to Hal Shephard, the City Manager at that time, and suggested that it be shown to City Council and the Directors of City departments during their annual joint strategic planning session.

On February 14, 1998, the video was presented at the strategic planning session the first thing in the morning. It proved so compelling that everyone agreed to spend the rest of the session brainstorming on how to use this information to help improve economic development in Hamilton. By the end of the day, they had a plan to create a visioning and comprehensive planning process for the City that included retaining a consultant.

Then Vice-Mayor Adolf Olivas was appointed by City Council to chair the project, now known as the “Hamilton Vision 2020 Comprehensive Plan”. Jim Boerke, the Director of the City Planning Department at that time, led the search for a consulting firm to assist the City with making the Vision 2020 Plan a reality. An initial Steering Committee was created that included Boerke, Mayor Nye, Vice-Mayor Olivas and Councilman George McNally.

To pick the right consultant, a Search Committee was formed consisting of 33 citizens from all areas of the City and all walks of life. After interviewing four consulting firms, the Search Committee selected Parsons Harland Bartholomew & Associates as the firm to help create and define the process for the Vision 2020 Comprehensive Plan. In addition, Ed Barlow was chosen to lead the volunteer citizens through a visioning process entitled “Creating the Future.”